Six Top Tips To Create A Comfortable, Productive and Beautiful Work From Home Setting With SCENE SHANG


Make your work from home setting comfortable, productive and beautiful. Featuring the MENG Writing Desk & ANGGUNG Chair.

Everyone is playing our part by staying home to keep each other safe, during this trying time. Working from home is now the new normal. Being in the comfort of our homes, we tend to get more easily distracted.
Having a productive space is important — we have gathered six tips that we think might be useful for you in creating a comfortable, productive and beautiful work from home setting.

1. Have An Organised Work Desk

The  MENG Writing Desk has slots at the back to allow wires to run in a tidy manner. Also featuring the Art Deco Mini Desk Jet Fan in Aquamarine.

An organised work desk is key. Remove distractions or things that you are not using by keeping them away or tucking them into drawers. Don’t forget to keep your wires neat and tidy too.

Art Deco Mini Desk Jet Fan $35.00

2. Choose The Perfect Chair

The ANGGUNG Chair boasts elegant and graceful angles formed by slim legs, a solid curved backrest, with a carved and contoured seat. It offers comfort unexpected from a seemingly slim and light chair.

Choose a chair with an appropriate height that is also comfortable, so that you can maintain focus and productivity.

3. Good Lighting

Keep your work spaces well lit with THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Satin Emerald

Lighting has a significant impact on concentration and focus, hence it is important to ensure that your work from home space is one that is well lit. 

THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Satin Emerald $280.00

4. Create A Comfortable Work From Home Setting With The Right Scents

The YUN Desktop Diffuser II fills the air with our Signature White Pagoda Scent.

A calming scent instantly alleviates the mood of a space. It helps to improve concentration, positively impact your mood and reduce stress. Choose your favourite scent to enhance the atmosphere of your home with positivity and productivity. 


YUN Desktop Diffuser ll 

5. Create A Space To Lounge

A timeless classic, THE MAVERICK Armchair, curl up in your favourite place to read or enjoy a drink.

Knowing when to take a break is important to boost your focus and productivity. Have a cosy corner that allows you to lounge and relax over tea, whenever your eyes get a little too tired. Rejuvenated and refreshed, you’re ready to go again!



6. Plugin To Good Music

Some of us find it easier to work while listening to music. Put on some music to make your work from home setting a comfortable and focused one.


Need a playlist recommendation? Here’s a Spotify playlist of a mix of classic and contemporary tunes we’ve curated just for you.

Work From Home with SCENE SHANG Spotify Playlist