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Christmas Gift Guide

There’s nothing better than basking in the company of your loved ones and seeing the look of elation on their faces as they unwrap presents. We’ve put together a list of gifts for your nearest and dearest that are sure to put a smile on their faces.


1. For the sports fanatic father: THE MAVERICK Armchair, S$998

With its distressed PU leather upholstery and steel frames, THE MAVERICK Armchair makes a handsome addition to Dad’s man cave. Furthermore, nothing beats relaxing in it and watching a football match after a hard day at work.


2. For the trendy mother: SHANG System, S$1050

It takes effort to stay on top of fashion trends, and the fact that the modular SHANG System can be expanded to match Mum’s ever-growing wardrobe means one less thing for her to worry about.


3. For the story-telling grandparents: MAY Mug, S$39

The MAY Mug resembles the thermal flask that was once a staple in many Asian homes, and a popular wedding gift. More than a cup to hold their tea, it will send your grandparents well wishes and a trip down memory lane.


4. For the accommodating wife or husband: YUAN Loft Side Table, S$368

Placed by the bed, the YUAN Loft Side Table is great for keeping a nighttime read or other bedtime necessities – a space they can call their own.


5. For the chic sister: Brass ARCH GATE Hanger, S$89

Seated on the dressing table, the beautifully crafted Brass ARCH GATE Hanger will hold all of your sister’s accessories and help to organise her dresser.


6. For the dapper brother: BACK TO THE BOOKS Bookends, S$198

More than holding his books in style, the bookends’ wordplay on the Chinese word bei shu (背书) will accentuate your brother’s wit.


7. For the supportive best friend: EMBRACE ME Cushion Cover with stuffing, S$35

You’ve always been there for each other’s ups and downs, but the EMBRACE ME Cushion is good for proxy hugs when you’re away.


8. For the hard-working colleague: Scented Candle, S$59.90

A perfect complement to unwinding after a recent project.

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