Welcoming the New Year with Blossoming Abundance



THERE IS A CERTAIN MAGIC ABOUT SPRING that manifests its beauty in full blooms. I remember Shanghai in 2012, a small garden of plum blossoms filtering the sunlight as we anticipated the warmer climate. 

Perhaps it’s the hope to the end of winter’s misery that makes people a little cheerier; to walk forward from the past into new hope.

Sometimes Shanghai feels like another life, but little things that I remember today help in shaping who we are as a brand.

January in Shanghai is its coldest month, and also the first time Jess and I saw snow from our living room. It isn’t the kind of snow you’d see in European countries; fluffy, white. It’s the kind of snow that makes you think of home; a little heavy, grey, but short lived.

I guess therein lies the reason why we want to beautify our homes obsessively. It doesn’t have to be with expensive things, most times, it is things that we feel most comfortable with, because then, no matter how far or for how long, we want to come back home.

So every year, when spring greets, beautiful rays of light dart in on the streets, through the windows and millions of little buds peek out on the most barren of trees, it is time to go home – not just to a physical location, but to the comfort of gatherings, feasting, endless questions from relatives about marriage and offspring. But it is home.

We wish you a year of hope, abundance and homeliness.

Yours, Pamela