Made with Love: Homemade Hand Sanitiser with Your Favourite Scent



CREATE MEMORIES FROM THE HEART, in this beautiful season of love. 

Keep yourself and your loved ones protected with some common natural ingredients and your favourite scent. This fragrant blend of alcohol, gel and oils is packed with disinfecting and moisturising properties. Saturate your homes with warmth, love and new memories.

Try it out, it's really simple! 

White Pagoda Essential Oil, Jade Courtyard Essential Oil, Orchid Island Essential Oil, created from precious moments and stories, hand made in Australia.

Prep Time 5 minutes




  1. Fill your bottles with ¼ with Vodka 
  2. Add 10 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
  3. Add 10 drops of SCENE SHANG Essential Oil
  4. Fill the rest of the bottle with Aloe Vera Gel 
  5. Shake well and use


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