Living Legacies: Preserving Our Heritage Through Art

THE STRAITS CHINESE or Peranakan style is a blend of Chinese, Malay, European and Colonial elements which flourished from the late 19th Century to World War II.
Rich in details and built with care, the style has humble beginnings. It first appeared in simple shophouses where tradesmen toiled, and was only later adopted in the elaborate terrace homes of wealthy merchant families.

A shophouse facade at Emerald Hill, Singapore. On these doors, the Chinese characters 长发兴隆 (chang fa xing long) which means continual wealth and prosperity are inscribed. It was also common for the original owners of these houses to inscribe either their name or the name of the village in China that they came from above the windows.

SCENE SHANG is honoured to share our values and vision of preserving culture and heritage in a modern world with one of Singapore's finest artists.
The YUAN Mini WindowsMini Windows Box Series and Emerald Hill Door Art collection of doors and windows is an attempt by Mr Arthur P.Y. Ting to preserve the beauty of Peranakan architecture in an artistic three-dimensional form.

The YUAN Mini Windows Collection is a specially commissioned limited series made exclusively for SCENE SHANG by Mr Arthur P.Y. Ting. 
A photo taken in a museum in Suzhou, China.
Iconic Singaporean shophouse windows sit elegantly framed within the hexagon and plum-shapes of each art piece, inspired by the window frames of Chinese gardens.
The negative space resemble the white walls, urging you to pause for a closer look through the frame motifs, and ponder the exquisite details of their art. And foster a deeper appreciation for the preservation of our history.

Mr Arthur P.Y. Ting's Mini Windows Box Series is also selected as one of the momentos gifted to foreign delegates attending this year's ASEAN ministerial meetings, with the aim to bring a taste of Singapore to the region.

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YUAN Mini Windows by Arthur P.Y. Ting