White Pagoda Room Mist

White Pagoda Room Mist

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Essential oils




A legendary, woody blend of bergamot, cypress, nutmeg, cedarwood and sandalwood. 

SCENE SHANG’s range of Room Mists is specially made to refresh a space instantly. Choose from the legendary, woody White Pagoda, the sensuous and refined Orchid Island or the sweet, fruity and luxurious Jade Courtyard to set the right ambience.

Memories are created with the whiff of all the scents in a space. The lilies in a vase, the aging of wood furniture, the musk of cashmere, all come together to seal these intangibly precious moments.

SCENE SHANG's range of room scents are created from precious moments and stories, hand made in Australia, specially concocted for your homes to be saturated with warmth, love and new memories.

External use only.

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