Diga Salad Bowl with Strainer – SCENE SHANG

Diga Salad Bowl with Strainer

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Melamine, PP, Silicone


DIMENSIONS (Diameter x Height) CM

 260 x 30 mm


Winner of Good Design Award 2016.

The Diga Salad Bowl is designed as both a server and a strainer. The bowl comes with a cap which will rise when the knob at the bottom is twisted. The bowl then acts as a strainer for rinsing vegetables and draining water. When the knob is turned another way, it will shut the drain and the bowl will become a server for salad and more.

The non-slip silicone ring helps grip the table securely. With the edge-off corner and sloping down contour, it is nice to serve greens and vegetables on the table and in the kitchen.


Designed by Andrea Ponti for OMMO

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