Binary Style - Tiong Bahru (Long Shawl) – SCENE SHANG

Binary Style - Tiong Bahru (Long Shawl)


Chiffon Polyester

DIMENSIONS (Diameter x Height) CM

65 x 170


This design captures the genius loci, the spirit of the Tiong Bahru heritage district in Singapore. With its modernist architecture, Tiong Bahru represented a new era of living in Singapore in the 60s, with new-found wealth and a hopeful future.

Nowadays Rapidly transforming into a fashionable commercial district, Tiong Bahru is in danger of losing its true spirit and identity as its original inhabitants along with their generation-old coffee shops move out. The scarf design captures authentic details of Tiong Bahru, its architecture and cultural icons.

This highly versatile scarf is also perfect for hijab or head covering.

Hand wash with cold water and low-heat iron.

Designed by Binary Style.

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