TRINITY 福恩爱 with Brass Frame – SCENE SHANG

TRINITY 福恩爱 with Brass Frame


If item is backordered, please allow production time of approximately 3 - 5 weeks.


Matt art paper, Brass, Glass


36 x 18.5 x 7


A trinity of blessings, featuring original contemporary illustrations, framed by an elegant geometric frame.

Bliss 福 - A scene of bliss, a background of birds flitting through a bamboo forest, calm shades of jade greens, and a gold foil print of the word.

Grace 恩 - A scene of grace, a background of majestic mountains set against gentle clouds, the grandeur of a purple sky, and a gold foil print of the word.

Love 爱 - A scene of love, a background of peonies in bloom, set against a blush of pink, and a gold foil print of the word.

A meaningful piece of decor or gift for people of contemporary tastes, with an appreciation for Asian culture.

Artwork printed on ivory card stock, framed by a handmade, geometric brass and glass picture frame.

TRINITY with Brass Frame is part of the TRINITY Blessings Series - Containing the Chinese characters 福 (Bliss), 恩 (Grace) and 爱 (Love), a trinity of age old blessings reworded for today, featuring original contemporary illustrations.

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