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30-Second Photography


Go beyond selfies and wefies, and get down and dirty with these essential knowlege about photography.

This book takes the 50 most important aspects of photography; both the major styles and the key technical aspects that make them possible, and explains each in two pages, 300 words and one picture.

The book also includes 6 profiles of the greatest names in the history of photography and shares their contributions. Whether you pick it up for 30-seconds at a time or from cover-to-cover, this book will have you thinking about your own and other peoples photography in a whole new way.

Part of the 30-Second series - a quick and dirty introduction to the essentials of what you need to know.

In this series:

30-Second Ancient China

30-Second Wine



Brian Dilg (Author), Adiva Koenigsberg (Contributor)


Hardback, 160 pages

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