JIA Brass Paperweight – SCENE SHANG

JIA Brass Paperweight


JIA Brass Paperweight


Hand lathed and polished solid brass

DIMENSIONS (Diameter x Height) CM

2.8 x 3.8 (Father, Mother) / 2.5 x 3.4 (Daughter, Son)


If item is backordered, please allow production time of approximately 4 weeks.


A delightful set of brass paperweights brought to life by 69 year-old metal lathe Singaporean craftsman Mr Yee Chin Hoon of Hup Yick Engineering Works. 

Handcrafted from solid brass, each piece is handmade in Singapore and of highly limited quantities as the maker is due to retire.

Get a paperweight for yourself or your loved one as an appreciation for the sunset industries of Singapore and a tribute to our last diminishing craftsmen.

Available as a set of four or individual pieces.

Designed by Mr Yee Chin Hoon and The Machinist: Wendy Chua, Xin Xiaochang and Yuki Mitsuyasu

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