EMBRACE ME Cushion Cover - Clifford Pier – SCENE SHANG

EMBRACE ME Cushion Cover - Clifford Pier

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Poly-blend canvas


45 x 45


A red light beckoning seafarers in the dark. To some, it meant hope, for it announced the landing point for immigrants in search of better prospects. To others, it served as a beacon, guiding mariners returning from commercial ventures. This eponymous lamp gave the pier its local name, Hong Deng Ma Tou (红灯码头) or the Red Lamp Pier. Immigrants and sailors soon became day-trippers and pilgrims as, years later, travellers launched off for the Southern Islands here.

EMBRACE ME Asian Art Deco Cushion Covers

Sentimental. Beautiful. Iconic. These beautiful Art Deco buildings form an indelible part of Singapore's cultural heritage, built during a time we were hopeful and idealistic, striving to make our mark on the world.

In a tribute to these storied landmarks still standing today, EMBRACE ME Cushion Covers reimagines their glory days in exuberant hues. Ready for fresh attention and a new appreciation, they are an invitation to embrace our architectural treasures, in every sense of the word.

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