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FU Chopsticks

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Chicken-Wing Wood, Brass




Do not allege chopsticks are small,

Daily meals they accompany you all.

The history of bitter and sweet,

Only chopsticks can fully tell.

- Feng Jicai

Chopsticks - a cutlery that is so elegant in simplicity and functionality.  We’ve designed FU Chopsticks to be that pair of elegant, simple and functional chopsticks with a touch of luxe.

Made with natural and rustic chicken-wing wood - so named for the resemblance of the wood to the coloration and patterns found on the tail-feathers of chickens. Blessed with a good natural luster, and natural resistance to pests and mould.

Capped with engraved, polished brass ends for a touch of luxe.

Limited production made by traditional chopstick artisans using traditional methods combined with modern technology.

The chopsticks are not coloured, painted or waxed so that they remain completely natural and safe to use.

Comes in 5 pairs.

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