GRACE 恩 Lacquer Box (Second Quality) – SCENE SHANG

GRACE 恩 Lacquer Box (Second Quality)

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Lacquer, Engineered Wood, Gold Leaf


17 x 12 x 6


Featuring an original illustration of a scene of grace – a background of majestic mountains set against gentle clouds, the grandeur of a purple sky, and a gold print of the word “恩”,this is a meaningful piece of decor or gift for people of contemporary tastes, with an appreciation for Asian culture.

Handmade by skillful and passionate Vietnamese lacquer artisans, using modern techniques paired with the traditional methods developed since the Shang Dynasty, which require time consuming and meticulous care, each lacquer box is a meaningful gift of tradition and modernity combined. Finished with gold leaf and 12 layers of lacquer.

GRACE “恩” Lacquer Box is part of the TRINITY Blessings Series - containing the Chinese characters 福 (Bliss), 恩 (Grace) and 爱 (Love), a trinity of age old blessings reworded for today, featuring original contemporary illustrations.

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