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Kam Cheng Snacks - Curry Cashews


From the makers - Kam Cheng Snacks,

"Some days, all you want is a hot, steaming and comforting bowl of curry as the perfect perk-me-up. But curry is too troublesome to make, your favourite curry stall is too far away, and it seems almost impossible to find a satisfactory compromise. So we thought, why not combine the kick of aromatic curry spices with crunchy, creamy cashew nuts for a savoury oven-baked treat that's high in protein, seriously addictive and oh-so convenient. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do."

•Cross our hearts, this is one of our favourite snacks.




Cashews, Curry Spices (Coriander, Chilli, Fennel, Cumin, Tumeric, White Pepper, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Star Anise, Nutmeg, Bay Leaf, Clove, Fenugreek, Garlic, Onion), Curry Leaves, Brown Sugar, Egg White, Vegetable Oil, Sea Salt

These snacks are made with all natural ingredients and contain no added preservatives.

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