SHUANG XI (Double Happiness) Lacquer Jewellery Box – SCENE SHANG

SHUANG XI (Double Happiness) Lacquer Jewellery Box


Lacquer, Engineered Wood, Gold Leaf


20 x 20 x 6


Inspired by the historical Peranakan peony tiles found on the shophouses of Joo Chiat in Singapore, the SHUANG XI (Double Happiness) Lacquer Jewellery Box features an elegant and auspicious pattern suggesting endless links of ancient Chinese coins, wishing endless blessings.

The Chinese “Double Happiness” ligature, “囍”, featured at the very centre of the design symbolises a wealth of joy.

Fitted with gold plated hardware and a velvet tray insert, the SHUANG XI (Double Happiness) Lacquer Jewellery Box is the perfect place to keep one’s tokens of fortune - jewellery, mementoes and other blessings.

Handmade by skillful and passionate Vietnamese lacquer artisans, using modern techniques paired with the traditional methods developed since the Shang Dynasty. Made with a time consuming process and with meticulous care, each lacquer box is a meaningful gift of tradition and modernity combined. Finished with gold leaf and 12 layers of lacquer.

Designed by SCENE SHANG, in collaboration with international award-winning jade specialist, Choo Yilin.

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