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Love is a Warm Brew - Pink Cushion Cover




45 x 45


A graphic pattern inspired by the warmth of home, of living in Singapore, from the myriad of warm brews. Some made for us by our family and loved ones, some from our streets, in the kopitiams, the sarabat stalls etc. Memories of enjoying these beverages bring a warm glow to our hearts.

Memories of mom brewing that ginseng drink to keep us energized during stressful work periods, grandma making that chrysanthemum drink when she felt we were too liang (cooling), chugging down mugs of teh halia or kopi from the sarabat stall after intense meetings or just chatting with friends.

The ingredients of these beverages are illustrated in a batik style, creating a pattern that is weaved with meaningful natural ingredients that are used to make warm, nourishing brews that make all of us feel at home in Singapore.

The Love is a Warm Brew pattern symbolises the love, care and kinship found through making, giving or sharing these heartwarming brews.

Velvet. Fits up to 50 x 50 cm Cushion insert.

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