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MAY Mug - Reverie (pink) (Second Quality)

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300 ml ceramic mug with brass electroplated handle and lid.


11 x 8 x 16.5


Once a staple in many Asian homes, the thermal flask was always close, keeping water hot for hours, ensuring a steaming cup of tea was just a pour away. They were also popular as wedding gifts, at once a symbol for warmth and a thoughtful blessing for the newlyweds.

Reborn today as a lovely cup, the MAY mug is beautiful way to enjoy your daily brew. Ceramic, with gold embellishments, it's adorned with subtle motifs like the lotus, lian (莲), synonymous with continuity; the magpie, xi que (喜鹊), symbolizing happiness; and fishes, yu (鱼) symbolizing plenty - well wishes to warm a moment, or serve as a meaningful gift to loved ones.

Exquisite, bright, uplifting. MAY your mug fill you with happiness and abundance.

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