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Qi Pottery

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Tea drinking is very much part of our Asian culture and has also played a large part in Qi Pottery's journey - whether it is through conversations over tea with mentors or peers, or even having a few cups in between throwing tea wares.

Discover beautiful handcrafted teacups, 盖碗 (gai wan), 茶碗 (cha wan) and 公道杯 (gong dao bei), exclusively at SCENE SHANG Loft.


KIM WHYE KEE (b. 1979) spent a decade of his youth in prison. He picked up pottery in the last few months of his sentence. Whye Kee then went on to graduate with a BA Hons. degree in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts in 2013.

He is the co-founder of Beacon of Life (BoL) and Beacon of Life Academy (BoLA), an initiative working with ex-convicts and at-risk youths, respectively, in the community. He has also worked on separate community projects with the boys of the Singapore Boys Home and residents from Taman Jurong.

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