Qua - Persimmons with Birds Eight Treasures Box (Round)

Qua - Persimmons with Birds Eight Treasures Box (Round)

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30 x 7


Qua showcases a Goodie Box (Bao Bao He), Round, with warm persimmon tree designs on the gold sheen of the lacquer. Ideal to keep sweets, snacks and fruits during festive occasions like Chinese New Year. The multi-use eight treasure box can also act as a display to decorate a room during the season.


The Persimmon Red Birds collection is a delicate hand painted technique by skilled artisans. The Persimmon tree symbolizes enlightenment, wisdom and longevity. They hold a symbolic sentiment of good fortune in all your undertakings. This collection is perfect for chinese new year celebrations, weddings and house warming.

Designed by Qua.

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