SCENE SHANG Flagship Store - A Destination for the Senses

A Destination for the Senses



Housed in the ground level of a shophouse, set in the historic and cultural Kampong Glam enclave, the SCENE SHANG Flagship Store is a destination set to charm your five senses.


SCENE SHANG Signature Scent - White Pagoda Essential Oil

Our signature White Pagoda Scent welcomes you at the doorstep of our flagship store. A legendary, woody blend of bergamot, cypress, nutmeg, cedarwood and sandalwood, the scent is warm and welcoming.

SMELL: White Pagoda Essential Oil

Flagship Store

Filled with wares that embrace our Asian history and culture. Bathed in mood lighting and blessed with a light well, from furniture to homeware, our store offers you a selection of meaningful choices to bring home or to gift.

KOI Gate Bench

Touch and feel our variety of textures, from smooth, waxed leather to our rustic sisal rugs, and be transported into a little slice of paradise.

Imperial Earl Grey Tea

Savour a taste of Imperial Earl Grey by Quinteasessential, so luxuriously fit for royals.  Taste samples of delicious Asian snacks, you may be tempted to bring more than a few home.

TASTE: Imperial Earl Grey Tea


From postmodern jazz, to classics both Western and Chinese, the music piped in our flagship store creates a luxurious and leisurely atmosphere.

SCENE SHANG Flagship Store
A destination set to charm your five senses.

Address 263 Beach Rd, Singapore 199542
Tel +65 6291 9629
Open Daily from 11 am - 8 pm
Close at 9.30 pm on Fridays & Saturdays
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