Returns & Exchanges Request

Please use the form below if you wish to*:

  1. Request to exchange your item within 7 days of purchase, collection or delivery, not due to damages or defects.
  2. Request to exchange your item due to damages or defects, within the Warranty Period.
*Please read the important information below before you click submit.

1. Custom Made Items
Please note that we are not able to exchange your item if it is Custom Made, including customised furniture orders and artwork as they are built to your specifications. However, if your Custom Made item is found to be damaged or defective on delivery, please fill in the form above for us to assess.
2. Warranty
Please read this page to find out if your item has warranty coverage.
3. Remedies

We will do our best to offer you a remedy as soon as we are able to and we reserve the right to make the final decision on all remedies.
4. Retrieval & Redelivery
For exchange requests NOT due to damages or defects
We do not bear any shipping or delivery costs for exchange requests within 7 days of purchase, collection or delivery, not due to damages or defects. You will need to make arrangements to have the item returned to us, or you may reach us at for a shipping or delivery quote.
For exchange requests due to damages or defects
If required, we will arrange for our delivery fleet to retrieve your item back for our assessment. Please note that this complimentary retrieval and redelivery is one-time only. However, complimentary retrieval and delivery is not offered for returns assessed to be i) the result of normal wear and tear, ii) due to the characteristics of the manufacturing process, such as brush marks on metal and nail or screw holes, iii) due to the inherent nature of the material and/or iv) issues not due to delivery incidents by our delivery fleet, will be chargeable.