This September, we launched a brand new look for our Home Fragrances.



Memories are created with the whiff of all the scents in a space. The lilies in a vase, the aging of wood furniture, the musk of cashmere, all come together to seal these intangibly precious moments.

You Have Always Been Boundless

By Nabilah Said for SCENE SHANG

Anhui, China
Date Unknown

Madrid, Spain
19 January 2020

Marina Bay, Singapore
28 May 2021

SCENE SHANG's range of room scents are created from precious moments and stories, hand made in Australia, specially concocted for your homes to be saturated with warmth, love and new memories.

Our Scents

Shanghai, China
08 July 2015

Lucerne, Switzerland
21 February 2016

Fujikawaguchiko, Japan
07 November 2019

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