DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench
DUKE Shoe Bench

DUKE Shoe Bench

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Rattan, Brass


110 x 30 x 45


A handsome, heritage-inspired shoe bench perfect for your entrance way, for putting on or removing your shoes. 

Clean lines inspired by tropical art deco, with a touch of brass. Made from sustainable rattan treated with eco-friendly black lacquer.

Maximum load weight: 90kg, evenly distributed.


For lovers of the handsome, heritage charm of black and white bungalows, the DUKE Collection offers you a slice of that iconic style for you to dress your homes with.

Inspired by SCENE SHANG co-founder Pamela’s childhood spent living in a black and white bungalow on Duke Street in Seletar Airbase, the DUKE Collection consists of breezy, tropical infused art deco style planters, a side table, a coffee table, a console table, a shoe bench and a bar cart.

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Due to the use of natural materials, variations in pattern and colour will differ.

DUKE Collection


  • Place your rattan furniture in places where humidity and heat levels are consistent, as changes can result in warps or cracks due to expansion and contraction.
  • Moisture and heat can cause damage to any finish. Always wipe up moisture promptly and dry with a soft cloth. Do not place hot items directly on the rattan surface.
  • Over time, air and sunlight may cause changes in the colour of the wood and rattan. To reduce the change in colour, do not place your furniture in areas directly exposed to sunlight such as in front of windows.
  • If you are placing items on your rattan furniture, occasionally rotate the items to allow a more uniform color to develop.
  • For regular cleaning, a soft, lint-free cloth with water and a drop of mild soap is recommended. Do not use strong cleaning products such as bleach as this may dissolve the finish. If in doubt, test the cleaning product on a small patch in an inconspicuous location before applying to the rest of the furniture.
  • Every six months, use lemon oil or polish available from hardware stores, to protect the finish and retain a shine.


  • The brass hardware are designed to develop a natural oxidised patina over time.
  • If you prefer to restore the brass hardware to a shine, you may use a metal polish suitable for brass metal. Do a small patch test in an inconspicuous area before polishing the whole hardware.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can scratch and dull the surfaces.

    Tempered Glass / Tempered Fluted Glass

    Applicable to DUKE Coffee Table, DUKE Side Table, DUKE Console Table & DUKE Bar Cart

    • Glass surfaces are tempered to meet safety standards. You may see a label at the edge indicating that the glass has gone through this process.
    • Please be advised that hot objects must not be placed directly onto the surface to prevent damage.
    • Glass cleaners can be used to clean surfaces with a soft lint free cloth.


    Product Type: Indoor Furniture
    Warranty Period: 2 Years

    For more information regarding the product warranty, read here.

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